Church Sanctuaries

Church Sanctuary Restoration

We specialize in restoring and renewing church sanctuaries. Whether it’s a dozen pews or more than a hundred, we’ll make your sanctuary shine. Check out our projects gallery to see just how good your sanctuary can look.

Pew Refinishing and Renewal
Clean and refresh the finish, maintaining the existing color and appearance. Repair any damaged pews. Often, complete pew stripping and refinishing isn’t needed; a thorough cleaning and light re-coating with fresh stain can produce stunning results at lower cost.

Refresh all woodwork and wipe on a fresh coat of finish for a polished look.

Knee Walls and Railings
Individually cleaned and renewed with a fresh coat of stain, carefully color-matched with the rest of the sanctuary.

Wood paneling
Every inch cleaned and restored.

Chancel Furnishings
Repair, renew, or completely refinish as needed.

Original solid wood furniture in many churches has historical significance. Restoring instead of replacing preserves the historical integrity of the church sanctuary. Light refinishing of pews, pulpits, and benches can be performed on site, without disrupting church services.

We can refinish, repair, or make new anything that is wood inside your church.

Church Sanctuary FAQ

Can you refinish painted pews?

No, unfortunately if a pew is painted, we cannot restore or refinish it with good results.

What is the largest sanctuary you've restored?

Over 80+ pews, along with the pulpit, balcony railing, and all woodwork in a major Moravian church.