Furniture Repair and Touch-up Services

If it’s damaged, we can fix it. The many types of furniture repairs we perform include:

Touch Ups
Need to repair a nick or small damaged area without refinishing the entire piece? We’ve got you covered.

Broken Chairs
We tighten up loose chairs, repair broken slats, and make chairs of any age look and function like new. Need replacement chair caning? We can take care of that too.

Spindle Replacement
Missing or broken spindles? We can turn new ones for you, copying exactly what’s needed from the original.

We can fix that broken bed rail or headboard so you can rest comfortably. We can also resize that bed – up or down – to fit your current needs.

Veneer Repair
Cracked or damaged veneer made good as new.

Furniture Repair FAQ

Can you pick up my piece of furniture and return it when it's fixed?

Yes, pick up and delivery are available.

Do you have the tools to fix my period piece?

In a word, yes! We specialize in age-appropriate repair and restoration and have a fully equipped woodshop.